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Dedicated as a professional English language school in Singapore, we are driven to provide the best standards in learning. Our Native English Teachers are certified in CELTA and TESOL, and our syllabus is accredited by London’s Oxford University, to be aligned with our objectives of promoting excellence in writing, reading, and speaking the English language worldwide. To meet learning demands, we offer training in everyday conversational English, business English, TOEFL, IELTS and local mainstream English courses.

our main services

  • Adult EnglIsh Courses
    Adult EnglIsh Courses

    Only through quality training, we strengthen your foundation knowledge in English language and the correct use of vocabulary and grammar so that you will have a more competitive edge in your area of study or work.

  • ChIldren EnglIsh Courses
    ChIldren EnglIsh Courses

    Learning the English language is easier for children to pick up due to their young minds and ability to process, learn and understand new information. Ultimately, they can learn a foreign language and develop the skills more effectively at a faster pace.

  • TrIal Class and Fees
    TrIal Class and Fees

    Our English trial class is available at every proficiency level so you can learn more and understand how beneficial our teaching materials and teachers will be. Free handouts will be given. Try to complete our English placement test now.

  • SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Courses
    SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Courses

    Our English courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credits funding. Singaporeans are welcome to click and find out more. The Course fee is $480 / student for 10 lessons of 2-hour each.


Do you know English is a language spoken by 340 million people in the world?

Every Student Can Improve

Yes, it is the third largest language used by native speakers after Mandarin and Spanish. What is most important is, the English language is the official business language spoken and used widely in Singapore. Improving or perfecting your skill in English speaking will not only enhance your career goals but also achieve academic progress.

Personal Attention

We know that you do not have months or years to learn English in Singapore, so we have designed English courses in both Business and Conversational English especially for busy working executives like you.

Our English lessons will only take less than two months to complete. Is this exactly what are you looking for?

On top of that, we provide English courses to children for academic improvement in this subject starting from primary to secondary and tertiary levels. What’s more, our English tutors are mostly native English speakers certified in CELTA and TESOL. With numerous successful students’ stories, you can be assured you have the right teacher who is qualified and experienced to help you effectively.

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  • Testimonials

    • Learning English with my teacher has been a real inspiration. She made learning fun and exciting, and I am really proud to be able to speak and understand conversational English after such a short period of time. My teacher adjusted the lessons based on my professional and personal needs and requirements, which was a definite bonus. The format offered by English Explorer is great as it provides flexibility for busy people. I would definitely recommend this school to my colleagues and friends. Thank you!

    • I have chosen to learn Business English because I need to improve my email and report writing in English. I have benefited from the course, and my English teacher is very helpful. We have also learnt many new contents besides the English coursebook.

    • My teacher at English Explorer is a wonderful teacher.  Being an older student and only having learnt Latin-based languages in the past, I’ve found learning English language to be quite challenging.  However, my teacher motivates me every week when I attend class.  She is patient and very kind, takes the time to explain when needed and is very good at handling lots of questions.  Our class is very interactive, and we not only learn English language, but we also gain cultural insights and understanding, which I love.  This has inspired me to continue my learning, and I look forward to learning more and more.  I hope to travel to the UK for holidays with my family in the future and to put this learning to good use.  I look forward to more English lessons in 2016.

    • I have benefited a lot from my business English course with English Explorer. My teacher Anna not only helped me to work on daily work situations, such as presentations, interpersonal skills, writing reports and reading charts but also wide up my view on the English language itself and western cultures. I definitely would continue my learning with English Explorer, and I hope to be able to communicate freely on negotiation and contract forming soon.

    • Being a piano teacher, I find it very important to communicate with my students and their parents. English explorer cleared away my hesitation to talk to parents, helped me to build up my speaking skill to explain things well. I even got referrals from my classmates! This is a lovely learning experience!

      Juliet Lono
    • I attended English Explorer’s business English group class. With a small group of 4 students of us, I have had a lot of chances to practice my oral business English.  As it’s my last year in university, it’s critical for me to understand the corporate business environment. My classmates who are all office ladies are very helpful to me. I know I can do well in interviews and thanks a lot for my teacher Jonathan.

      Junko Suzuki
    • I was exposed to Chinese at very early age as my grandma couldn’t speak English. It was hard for me to pass the school exams with a B so I was puzzled how my classmate manage their English grade so well. My teacher from English Explorer is knowledgeable to solve all my problems and needs. At my first English lesson, we had an assessment, and my teacher told me I should focus more on practice my reading to broad up my vocabulary as well as improve my grammar.

      My teacher is from the UK and a very experienced teacher, she also corrects my accent to speak proper English and taught me how to make confident presentations in as well and reading and writing. My English grade has improved from B to A and very happy with my learning experience.

      Emily Cheng (Secondary 4 taking GCE O level English)
    • I improved overall English skills with English Explorer. My last score in IELTS was listening 5.5 and speaking 4. I studied 5 months with teacher Elaine, and I’ve got an overall 6.5! Thank you, English Explorer.

      Michael Leung
    • My name is Ming. I learnt English with English Explorer for 20 hours. My daughter is studying Singapore, and I’m here to look after her. I need to use basic English to walk around, talk to our helper, and find the ways. English Explorer’s friendly teacher explained patiently to me and taught me well. I like my teacher very much!

      Huang Ming
    • As an IT expert from China, I was very proud and confident on my professionalism in computer science and website development. However, offered my new job in Singapore, I found it quite bitter as it’s hard to communicate with colleagues and clients. Thus, my company found English Explorer for me. They tailored the course content to software development and consulting for me. We practiced a lot on my work scenarios. Now I have improved quite a lot. Thank you, English Explorer!

      Wang Qiang
    • Kids Group Class learning English

      My Kid’s English teacher from English Explorer teaching style is different from her school teacher. She will slow down the pace of learning and make her understand the English words, grammar and reading before teaching new topics. She finds the speed of learning is improving her English grade. Thank you teacher from English Explorer.

      Parents of Jun Xi (Primary 6, New Town Primary School)
    • I love my English tuition teacher from English Explorer, and my teacher is great and fun. We read story books together, and she teaches me some English poems too.  I find learning English is a lot of much fun, and I have improved my grades as well. My parents are happy about my progress too. Thank you, English Explorer.

      Sharon Tong (Primary 5, Bukit Merah Primary School)
    • I really enjoyed every single class of the Intermediate Business English course. It was very effective to take class and get exposure to the Business English language every day especially as an upper beginner. The course is well-structured and the teacher was very friendly and motivating. She not only taught us the materials in the book but also catered to our own needs by teaching us more vocabularies related to our jobs and everyday situations we would encounter. I am going to keep learning English in Singapore with a private class at English Explorer.

      Elaine Wong (Malaysian working in Singapore)
    • When I started my high school in Singapore, my English result was not great at all. I was very worried about my application to universities in the States and I was then introduced to English Explorer by my classmate who was also a student there. After one year studying, I tried my first exam with TOEFL and got a score of 580. I’m happy with my result, so as my parents.

      Lim Yew Wai
    • We are a Chinese-speaking family who moved from China two years ago. My son is turning seven now, and he will be in primary school next year. Different from other parents who send their kids to Chinese tuition, English is one of our big worries for him as he had not exposed to English until we were in Singapore. English explorer opened the window of English to my boy in a fun and enjoyable way. After each class, he told me he was so happy with teacher Emily, and he was singing English songs and pointing things in English to me. I can see his improvement and his eager for more.

      Madam Song Yingxi
    • English Explorer has the best English teacher I have ever met. I have learnt two levels here. The teaching approach is very interactive, business oriented and dynamic. I enjoyed the news watching and debate session where we had very heated discussions.

      Seah Fong Fong
    • Private English Home Tuition – PSLE English

      I didn’t get a good score in primary school because my parents spoke Chinese to me at home. I liked to read Chinese novels as it’s easy. When I was at P6, my mom found me a teacher from English Explorer. In the first lesson, teacher Anna saw me nervous and told me not to worry. She was very patient and friendly. She understood my learning problems and helped me to improve. Now I can fully read English books and answer teachers’ questions. I believe I will have a better result in English. My mom promised to take me to Australia this June if I get an A in English. I will work hard!

      Angela Chee
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