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Here at English Explorer, we strive to provide only the best English courses for all of our students. As English is the third largest language and spoken by a total of 340 million people worldwide, we do understand the need for providing good English classes to help people communicate with others around the globe. In Singapore, English is the official language for businesses; hence why we believe in its importance in the business world.

We also serve different kinds of clients, from children, who want to learn Basic English vocabulary, to adults, who want to learn conversational English to help them get around in the country. Our children’s English lessons are tailored fit to help children learn the language easily with beginner and advanced courses. The courses that we offer include business English courses, IELTS, TOEFL, and also local English lessons.

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Private Teaching English Classes

Private English Class Upper Intermediate Private English Class Beginner Elementary Private English Lessons Upper Intermediate  Intermediate English Class Private Business English Beginner English Class

Group Teaching English Classes

Intermediate English Group Course Intermediate English Class Intermediate English Group   English Students Class Photo English Student Class photo Intermediate English Students Photo

Children Kids English Classes

Our Gathering

English Class Gathering English Class Outing English Students Gathering  English Class students photo

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