Corporate English lessons

Have you ever wanted a trainer to conduct English lessons at your office or premises?

conversational English course

Well, in fact, at English Explorer, this is the most popular request as many businesses find this convenient and effective for their employees and associates to learn this language. Our trainer can cater to your employee’s request when and where to have the lessons. If your business does not allow the class to go on, just inform us in advance, and we will reschedule the lessons to the next available date.

Learning analysis and end, of course, a review will be given to assess learners proficiency and areas of improvement needed after the course.

More than often we have the below industries companies looking for our services

F&B Restaurants, Retails and Hotels

    Who employ foreign waiters – Service is best when the staff can communicate effectively with customers. Restaurants that want to attract the most customers must have wait staff that can speak English to patrons, including discussing the menu, making small talk, and checking on the satisfaction of the patron.

Business Call Centers and Customer Service

    The work of call center employees is all about verbal communication. When customers call the center, and they speak English, there is no excuse for employees not to be able to communicate. With proper training, you can have your call center employees speaking better English and have happier customers as a result. Any customer service employee in Singapore should know how to communicate in English. There are simply too many potential customers that will want to speak English. If the employee cannot understand the customer, unnecessary problems can arise, and it can impact business negatively.

Executives and Managers from various industries

    For a manager or an executive to advance in his or her career, English language skills are very important. With proper English training, these individuals can have good career prospects and ability to conduct their duties more effectively.

    The needs of each industry are different, something we understand at English Explorer. This is why we begin with an initial learning analysis to understand what your corporation needs and objectives. Once we know what your employees need to learn, we will then create a customised course to deliver these skills. We will incorporate your company goals and our expertise in English instruction to create the most effective and beneficial course for your business.

Contact us now, so that we can come to your office and present to you our skills, syllabus and speed of delivery of course.

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