Effective English Communication Course 1 Day

Effective English Communication Course 1 Day


Effective English Communication Course

How To Master Effective Verbal English Communication Skills?

Duration: 1 day (7 hours) 10am to 6pm

Course Content
Have you ever had the experience where after a meeting with the boss or a colleague, you wished you had handled the situation more effectively?

If truth be told, we all have.

This one-day English communication course equips you with strategies, skills, techniques, tips and tools to have fewer regrets about how you handled interviewers, bosses, colleagues and members of the public. There will be fewer times when you are lost for words, speechless or tongue-tied.

Course Objectives

  • Improve the English communication outcomes you want to achieve
    Capitalise on your strengths and minimise weaknesses
  • Appreciate different communication styles and use the most effective style in each situation
  • Identify the barriers and pitfalls of communication, and develop ways to skirt around them
  • Capitalise on listening as a springboard to ask the right questions
  • Develop appropriate paraverbal and nonverbal communication skills

Course Outline

1. How to maximise the English communication process and overcome barriers to communication

2. Reality check – assessing how effective your current communication skills are and how to use different communication styles for different situations.

3. Strategies for breaking the ice to keep the communication flowing and making body language and proper tone work

4. Use pausing, pace and pronunciation for greater impact with adopting and mirror the language of others.

5. How to use formal and informal language where appropriate

6. Use the subtleties of language for greater impact

7. Adopt alternative easy to understand communication styles

Experiential learning, case studies, class discussions, self-assessment, reflection and action plan.

This course is for
Public Sector and Private Sector – applicable to all working adults

Singaporeans age of 25 yrs old and above Eligible to claim SkillsFuture Credit for this 1-day course


Batch IDCourseStart DateEnd DateDate n TimeFee
D112907 SatEffective Communication29 Jul29 JulSat 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D113007 SunEffective Communication30 Jul30 JulFri 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D112608 SatEffective Communication26 Aug26 AugSat 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D112708 SunEffective Communication27 Aug27 AugFri 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D113009 SatEffective Communication30 Sep30 SepSat 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D110110 SunEffective Communication01 Oct01 OctFri 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D112810 SatEffective Communication28 Oct28 OctSat 10am to 6pm$340/pax
D112910 SunEffective Communication29 Oct29 OctFri 10am to 6pm$340/pax


About the Trainers

Susan McKenzie x 300

Susan (Su) McKenzie is a dynamic London-trained lawyer and English teacher who has worked in both the public and private sectors including the British Railways Board, the British Council and the British High Commission. Co-author of two books about the English legal system and company law, Susan has also worked as a book editor and sub-editor for the Tatler group of magazines. Susan holds law degrees with specialisation in practical business law and is a trained Singapore advocate and solicitor.
A passionate trainer and engaging facilitator, Susan shares relevant experience, wisdom and practical insights in each course including leadership, high-performance teamwork, personal development, business development and management. Susan encourages participation, ensuring deep internalisation and application of newly learned knowledge by participants.





Sam X 300

Sam Kunalen is a London trained barrister and an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. Holder of LLB(Honours) and LLM(Distinction) degrees from the University of London, Sam has lectured extensively on commercial law subjects and co-authored books on company law and the English legal system. Sam is a member of the committee to develop facility management in Singapore.
During courses, Sam encourages the sharing of relevant experiences that bring interaction to life, ensuring the greatest internalisation and application of newly acquired knowledge by participants.

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