Effective English Communication Course 2 Day

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Effective English Communication Course 2-Day Program

How To Master Effective Verbal English Communication Skills?

Duration: 2 days (14 hours) 10am to 6pm

Course Content

Effective verbal communication requires ways to ensure that your point of view and your messages are completely appreciated, understood and actioned upon how you want.

This English Communication course equips attendees with strategies, skills, techniques, tips and tools to increase the ability to make real progress through impactful communication methods. Additional focuses upon how you can more effectively conduct yourself.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to help you say the right thing at the right time. In other words, to develop ‘the gift of the gab.’

The course emphasises practicing strategies, skills, techniques, tips and tools to maximise your point of view and how you wish your communications to be received.


• Improve the communication outcomes you want to achieve
• Capitalise on your strengths and minimise weaknesses
• Appreciate different communication styles and use the most effective style in each situation
• Identify the barriers and pitfalls of communication, and develop ways to skirt around them
• Capitalise on listening as a springboard to ask the right questions
• Develop appropriate paraverbal and nonverbal communication skills
• Demonstrate mastery of the communication process
• Build upon communication strengths
• Mask weaknesses
• Appreciate different communication styles and know which is the best to use in each situation
• Identify the snakes and ladders of communication, and capitalise on turning snakes into ladders
• Develop ways to deal with misunderstandings effectively
• Use questions for more effective communication
• How to appear more confident. Develop more confidence in all situations
• Blend verbal and nonverbal techniques to hit more communication levels

Course Outline

Day 1
1. How to maximise the communication process
2. Reality check – assessing how effective your current communication skills are
3. Strategies for breaking the ice and keeping the communication flowing
4. Use different communication styles for different situations
5. Overcome barriers to communication
6. Make body language and proper tone work for you
7. Use pausing, pace and pronunciation for greater impact
8. Use formal and informal language where appropriate
9. Adopt and mirror the language of others
10. Use the subtleties of language for greater impact
11. Adopt alternative easy to understand communication styles
12. Understand the traditional communication process and what is still relevant today
13. Stay ahead of modern communication practices that are gaining traction
14. Assess which methods of communication are working for you and what are not
15. Develop understanding and techniques for transition between informal and formal language patterns which will suit different target audiences

Day 2
16. Improve the ability to communicate and operate effectively in work and work-related situations
17. Develop the styles and skills required for high-level formal business interactions
18. Improve cross-cultural awareness to operate at optimal level across borders and within offices and factories
19. Be able to read a situation: develop the ability to recognise the subtleties of communication
20. Manage discussions: ensure your points of view are understood
21. Be able to handle informal meetings and give feedback
22. Keep ahead of changing working practices: Be able to speculate about future changes
23. Phoning and teleconferencing: Be able to establishing rapport and show interest
24. Relationships at work: Be able to negotiate and deal with conflicts
25. Be able to shine at work gatherings: office parties, away days and functions
26. Employer/employee expectations: using questions effectively and dealing with difficult questions
27. Resources: discussing options and reaching decisions
28. Taking the lead: stating personal views and engaging in collaborations
29. Influence: giving and responding to compliments


Experiential learning, case studies, class discussions, self-assessment, reflection and action plan.

This course is for

Public Sector and Private Sector – applicable to all working adults

Singaporeans age of 25 yrs old and above Eligible to claim SkillsFuture Credit for this 1-day course


Flexible Schedule ~ Choose any of the below combination dates (A) + (B), contact us now!
Batch IDSelect (A) + (B)Start DateEnd DateDate n Time2-Day course fee
EC-1-AEffective Communication course (A)07 Oct07 OctSat 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-1-BEffective Communication course (B)08 Oct08 OctSun 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-2-AEffective Communication course (A)15 Oct15 OctSun 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-2-BEffective Communication course (B)14 Oct14 OctSat 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-3-AEffective Communication course (A)21 Oct21 OctSat 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-3-BEffective Communication course (B)22 Oct22 OctSun 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-4-AEffective Communication course (A)29 Oct29 OctSun 10am to 6pm$450/pax
EC-4-BEffective Communication course (B)28 Oct28 OctSat 10am to 6pm$450/pax


About the Trainers

Susan McKenzie x 300

Susan McKenzie is a passionate English teacher, fluent in British English, American English and International English. Susan is experienced in teaching IELTS, TOEFL, and conversational and business English for adults. This includes business writing, presentation skills and corporate training. Susan is also an experienced children’s teacher from pre-reading to reading, and from kindergarten to primary and secondary school including creative writing, and preparation for the PSLE, ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.

Susan’s English credentials include having been a book author, a book editor and sub-editor of the Tatler group of publications. Holder of law degrees with specialisation in practical business law, Susan is a London and Singapore-trained lawyer and English teacher who has worked at the British Council, the British High Commission and the British Railways Board.

Susan encourages participation, promoting confident usage of newly-acquired knowledge. Susan shares experience, wisdom and practical insights including leadership, high-performance teamwork, personal development, business development and management.




Sam X 300

Sam Kunalen comes from a high-level English-speaking family. He underwent English-teacher training with a Ministry of Education English trainer and taught English for around two years at the language branch of the Ministry of Defence. He conducts interactive sessions where students are able to immediately use the type of English they want to express.

Sam is a London-trained barrister and an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. Holder of LLB(Honours) and LLM(Distinction) degrees from the University of London, he has extensively taught commercial law subjects and co-authored books on company law and the English legal system.

Sam is also a member of the committee to develop facility management with the Green Building Council of Singapore and the Building Construction Authority. He conducts drafting contractual clauses classes for facility managers.

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