Children English Courses

Children English Courses at our centre English language is easier to pick up for children as compared to adults because young minds are able to make sense of, understand, and ultimately learn a completely foreign language faster and more effectively because of the way their mental functions work. Walk into our classroom and there is a buzz where you can find children acting out a story, using a Venn diagram or finishing a project confidently in English. Our English Learning Trust methodology is based on things that children love. Stories in every unit pull them into a new language, and songs, games, acting out and craft activities give their brains plenty of practice. Children also love to learn relevant things. A colourful lesson in every unit uses English as a vehicle to teach other subjects where they develop skills needed as part of their general education while improving their use of English language. For Children to learn English, the transfer of education to application is an integral part of their learning process, which is why we work on building not just their thinking and speaking skills but also their confidence and everyday application skills of the language through multiple methods like conversation and role play.

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