GCE O level English

GCE O Level English Tuition Is Mastering English challenging or painful for You?

Do you know our teaching methodology and approach can make this English learning experience becomes more enjoyable and effective? On Top of that we help you to develop a passion for the English language that is essential in your academic learning in future.

Do you know English is not just a subject that is studied and tested in school, but an essential skill that enables you to participate constructively in the interaction and communication with others? You will realise that with a high level of competence in English, you will have a competitive edge over others, especially in employability.

We conduct a variety of activities with the aim to enhance learning results for you. Our result-oriented English teacher will put in place a tried and tested learning system that is in line with the GCE O-Level English Syllabus. Every sentence in your work is carefully scrutinised and painstakingly corrected, packed with loads of helpful comments and tips. Common mistakes are highlighted in different colours so don’t be surprised if your essay gets a major facelift. We also aim to strengthen your foundation in the English language, and well-prepared you for the O level English examination. Our O level English tuition class size will also be kept small for maximum interaction between the teachers and students.


  • Experienced MOE ex-school Tutors
They have extensive experience from teaching secondary school English subjects to junior college general paper, and you can be assured that your English learning is from the best in the field.
  • Personalised Guidance
Our class is kept small so that the tutor has more time with every student. The tutor will also be guiding the student according to his/her learning needs. The private class will also be a good option 100% attention for you.
  • Track Record
We have a good if not the excellent track record of helping students improve their English grades by at least a grade after learning English from our tutors. Many students have also benefited from our programme by successfully enrolled into the Junior College or Polytechnic of their choice. Contact us for Trial Class now
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