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Wondering what are some Quick fix solutions to improve your kid’s PSLE English grade?

As a matter of fact, most schools in Singapore have given much emphasis on the use of English by integrating this language into their curricula. Standard English is defined as the correct use of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and spelling. Our English tuition will be helpful in assisting your children to learn and improve their use of Standard English. Our tutors will see to it that students’ improper use of the language will be corrected. Teachers will cover areas of the language such as speaking, reading, and writing. We will also guide students in improving comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. Using tried and tested techniques, such as individual practice and exercises, will surely put your children on track to become well-versed in the English language. OUR TUTORS Our tuition institution does not only have teachers that will teach your children, but they are educators who will go to great lengths to ensure your children learn everything they need to know. They are not merely aids in helping students achieve their dreams, but they are people who are willing to be with your children’s’ side in their quests in life. All English tutors have at least a bachelor degree in English Teaching Methodology or English Literature. Many of them are MOE trained teachers. Our tutors are very experienced in Preschool, PSLE, O level and A level English teaching. What’s covered for your child / you? The most challenging sections of the PSLE paper which are the
  • Comprehension (Open-ended) (what parents know as Comprehension)
  • Comprehension Cloze (what parents refer to as Cloze passage)
  • Continuous Writing (commonly referred to as Essay or Story-writing)
  • Synthesis and Transformation
Lots of tips and strategies will be taught and shared - to save time, to direct student's focus, to stand out from the crowd, to pick out one' errors, to shorten the learning cycle, to maximise retention and most importantly, to keep the momentum!
Primary Level
(1) Paper 1 (Writing Tasks) Situational Writing Continuous Writing (Both types will be covered: picture & continuous) (2) Paper 2 (Language Use and Comprehension Tasks) 


Graphic Stimulus (Usually in the form of an advertisement or notice etc.) Grammar / Vocabulary / Comprehension Text


Sentence Synthesis / Editing Cloze Passage / Comprehension (3) Paper 3 (Listening Comprehension) Practices will be given approaching Semestral Examinations as these are usually tested only once or twice a year. (4) Paper 4 (Oral Communication) Practices will be given approaching Semestral Examinations as these are usually tested only once or twice a year. All three components will be covered: Reading of Passage, Picture Conversation and Conversation We will complete past year PSLE English Papers for (Primary 6 students) so that your child / you will not get nasty surprises during the PSLE Examinations. So take action and contact us now, our friendly tutor will meet you to provide the best recommendations for your kid / you. Learning English can be simple and easy  
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