Still Wondering if this is the right time to improve your English?

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Here’s the answer to the above question – it is always better to learn English now than later. In fact, many of our students recalled the days in school where they failed to pay more attention to mastering the English language and, as a result, lost out on many career opportunities later on. So, it is crucial to learn English and acquire impeccable English speaking skills as it could be beneficial for your professional career.

Our English language learning courses in Singapore are designed to allow you to start learning useful skills immediately. We have a Business English Course that can help you with all the concerns you may have working in a work environment that primarily utilises the English language. Our Conversational Survival English Course covers the Basic English communication skills needed to communicate well in Singapore.

Our Private English Class allows you the flexibility of 1-to-1 training in whatever areas you need. Lastly, our Small Group and Corporate English lessons allow individuals or businesses to train groups of employees.

Start learning English now and join our Trial class to find out more.

The objectives behind our English language learning courses in Singapore:

  • For adults professional learners who are interested in improving their social or business communication skills
  • For working executives who want to improve their English speaking and writing skills
  • For anyone who wishes to speak English with confidence and accuracy
  • For anyone who wants to sharpen and refresh their speech, pronunciation and communication skills

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