Learn Spanish in Singapore with Spanish Explorer Language School which is part of and under English Explorer.

Spanish Explorer aims to make learning Spanish in Singapore a simple, fun, and productive experience for those who want to learn Spanish. With Spanish & UK economy booming and expanding its presence around the world, it’s not surprising that many Spanish speaking businessmen have been relocating to Singapore for more business opportunities. With the growing number of people visiting Spain, learning Spanish would give you an advantage when it comes to business transactions.

We are one of the top Spanish language learning schools in the country. We have a very comprehensive syllabus that is accredited & align with DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language).


Our teachers are mostly native speakers of the language and also very well-versed in education which makes them perfectly qualified to teach. All our teachers are graduates of top universities and are certified to teach Spanish to non-native speakers. Also, they are also very fluent in English which allows them to help you learn more efficiently.


We offer a wide range of classes from Basic Spanish Language classes to Advanced Spanish Language classes. We also hold private lessons and group lessons to cater to those who want to learn Spanish through one-on-one tutoring and to those who prefer to learn in a group. Our system and syllabus, which comes from DELE and aligned with this international DELE Test standard so that you can guarantee a high standard of teaching.

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